Play the Pancreatic Cancer UK Weekly Lottery for your chance to win up to £25,000

Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest common cancer. It’s unacceptable that more than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 3 months. Decades of underfunding of pancreatic cancer research (by the government) means that we don’t yet know enough about this disease to transform survival rates to the levels seen in other common cancers.

But now is the time to change this. We’re supporting people now, and funding research and campaigning to transform the future.

Every £1 ticket means:

  • We can fund the researchers who are working tirelessly to make breakthroughs in the early detection of pancreatic cancer and finding better treatments.
  • Our nurses can be there for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer.

By taking part in the Pancreatic Cancer UK Weekly Lottery, not only will you have the chance to win big cash prizes, but also you will be helping to transform the future of pancreatic cancer.

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First prize
With 6 digits matched
Second prize
With 5 digits matched
Third prize
With 4 digits matched
Fourth prize
5 entries into the next draw
With 3 digits matched

Win prizes and help take on pancreatic cancer!

Every week you have the chance to win up to £25,000 in our weekly lottery.

Once registered for the Pancreatic Cancer UK Weekly Lottery you will receive a six-digit lottery number. This will be unique to you for as long as you play. And you can have more than one chance and number if you wish.

The lucky winners will be selected at random every Friday and we will publish the winning numbers here.

Good news! All profits from the weekly lottery will help transform the future for people affected by pancreatic cancer.

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